Friday, March 11, 2011

This blog is a lot about my business and not a lot

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about life- the person behind the camera~ which was the ultimate goal of this blog! That, and moreso in the fact that I don't really update much on here. It's an continual effort I try to reconcile with myself- but find myself overextending everything.

ANYway... I just wanted to update this blog to the great-internet beyond. I was deeply touched by a testimony at church tonight. Sparing the details, I will just say that I've come to realize how much I try to place control in my life in my hands versus God's. When I do this, I am immediately humbled by His awe. He is all-powerful and He humbled me this week by watching my back and planning a job opportunity for my family and myself that could possibly encourage me to grow as a person, possibly permit my photography business to grow, and just give me another opportunity to be at home with my children- how AWESOME is He!?

Details to be shared another time, but I just come here to update a long-neglected blog and to share the joys that are current. Praying for the families in Japan tonight... signing off- your faithful photographer, Sarah.

Leaving you with a hope of Spring...



  1. *Barbie said...

    He is awesome! =))

  2. plclemo said...

    I agree with Barbie 100%.

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