Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Sewing Project

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My mom gave me a new sewing machine and I'm a soooo excited and blessed about this gift! Thank you mom!

However, you know things are off to a rough start when you're Youtubing, "How to sew".

Sewing is one of those subjects where someone would begin explaining something to me and I would drift off- trying to understand but phrases like 'bobbin' and 'cutting on the bias' just did not stick.

So, here's to a fun Saturday of trying to sew my first anything. Today's project is a panel for our window. A good, healthy, not-in-our-favor electric bill has prompted this project today.

The material is above... I like it- some magazine I read said to add some red colors to neutral LR tones. I'm neutral, so I figured this is subtle enough red to up the color scheme in our home.

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